Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Have a wonderful New Year and I hope that you'll have many more to come. I have been having a blast this past year working on several projects at the same time. I hope to finally release Act I of "A Time to Die" this year as well as help Jacky to finish off his sequel to "Night Howls in Nestlehaven", with the help of the rest of the Gaming Parents Studios team!

Hope you are having as much fun with Neverwinter Nights 2 as I am having, don't think I've ever come across a game that has kept my interest for so long. Hope they make another sequel this year!

Thought I'd post another pic of my snow-ridden backyard - this is the view out my kitchen window of another heavy snowfall that is happening today. I think we must be at about 6 feet in total or maybe even more by now! :)


Amraphael said...

A happy new year to you too!

Ladyelvenstar said...

Thanks, Amraphael! Hope you are doing well and can't wait to play Zork I some day soon. :)

Nalencer said...

Happy New Year. Have a good one.

Ladyelvenstar said...

Thanks, Nalencer - hope you have a good one too!

Anonymous said...

That picture of your back yard is absolutely beautiful! I have to admit. I rather see it in a photo or nestled in a nice warm house looking out. :) The most snow I've seen this year is 3-4 inches at once. It shut the entire city down. LOL

Enjoying reviewing your projects! We added your blog to our Stygius Blog.


Ladyelvenstar said...

Thanks, Michele, and I can't blame you for wanting to see it in a photo instead of in your backyard. :)

3 to 4 inches? How about 3 to 4 feet at a time? That would definitely shut your city down! LOL!

Thanks for adding me to your Stygius blog and it looks like it will be an incredible project. I have a feeling it will be hugely popular!