Sunday, January 13, 2008

Logo for A Time to Die

If you have been here before, you might notice that I have a new logo for my blog. I took jclef's and nalencer's advice and used the Neverwinter Font to create a logo for A Time to Die.

It was easy to use black with a red outline and then just use a red shadow effect to make the letters stand out more against the black background. I still want to add a timepiece and sword or dagger when I find just the right images to use.


Nalencer said...

That's a very nice logo.

Ladyelvenstar said...

Thanks, nalencer! I want to tweak it just a bit more...when I get inspired. :)

Wyrin said...

really nice!
where did you get the neverwinter font from?

Nalencer said...

It's on the Vault.

Ladyelvenstar said...

Yes, I've posted a link now in the post. It is at

Anonymous said...

Way off topic here.

Miss LadyElvenStar. I'd like to extend an invitation to a Neverwinter Nights Podcast round table. The subject is "Modules in Development"

It will be at least 5-6 modders working on projects right now. An open discussion to voice your project and talk to other modders "note comparing etc"

We want to get the new projects promoted, also new voices to the community via our show.

I hope I peaked your interest. If so, please email me at

And if Nalencer comes back to this post. I'm going to your blog next to extend the same invite. :)

Best Regards

Jclef said...

Yeah, that sure beats the "Eat at Joe's" font below ;)

Great work there, Lady E!

E.C.Patterson said...

I love it, very nice. The red shadow is a great effect. You're pretty good at this banner/logo thing. ;)

SirChet said...

I agree with e.c. You are one logo making madman, uhm madlady?...LadyE, yeah that's it LadyE!

It has your usual professional touch. Nice job!

Ladyelvenstar said...

Hey sirchet - that is no way to get on my good side, calling me a madlady!! LOL!

Thanks for the compliments and e.c.'s logo will be the next one I work on. When he finally announces his project. Hint hint!