Sunday, January 27, 2008

Modules In Development Live!

February 10th at 8:30 pm or 20:30 Eastern Standard time -05.00 (US & Canada)

Any participants must create a Skype account. To join the VoIP, you will need the latest version of Skype (It's FREE) There will also be a text chat available. Guest will be able to voice questions or text them. All guest using a mic will be voiced one at a time per queue. Text questions will be answered in the order they are received.

Briesence Launches Blog!

Briesence is a talented custom content creator for NWN2 and has just launched a brand new blog to let us know what's being worked on next!

Check it out at

I think I will choose Bachelor #3. ;>

Friday, January 25, 2008

City Hak from Vault in A Time to Die

Tupoun has just released an amazing hak on the Vault with several hundred placeables to create your own unique city area. I will be using it to create both Triboar and Yartar...thank you, Tupoun!

Here is a picture of my PC exploring the sample module of his using the City Hak placeables (sorry the pic is a bit dark but I wanted to catch the moon in the background). Can't wait to use them for my cities! Long Live Tupoun!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Meet the Companions of A Time To Die

Okay, it's about time that you meet your potential companions for at least Act I of A Time To Die. I will be updating this as I make changes to the characters, since I am possibly adding a prestige class to several of them.

Persistent Companion Roster:

Erik Tarnlar is a long-time friend of the player. He grew up in Red Larch and is a cleric. He will be a romanceable companion for female players. I am working on adding the prestige class of Shining Blade to him.

Karena Tarnlar is Erik's sister and a long-time friend of the player as well. She has become a druid, following in her mother's footsteps...though her mother has been missing for years now. I hope to add the Lion of Talisid prestige class to her, since it would suit her personality perfectly. She will be a romanceable companion for male players.

Trent is a rogue that hopefully will become a Nightsong Enforcer. He'll try sweeping any female player off her feet with his charm, but she might want to be a bit wary around him. ;)

Ming-na is a sorceress that is as skilled with her magic as she is with her wit. She will be a romanceable companion for any male players ready to take her fiery personality on. :)

Update #1: January 16th, 2008

Ramina is a bard from Yartar who has agreed to accompany the player to supposedly collect information for a new that so? What we do know is that she will be a romanceable companion and possibly evolve into a Stormsinger.

Here is a picture of another companion, a wild elf by the name of Celendir...though he will not be a persistent one like the others above. He is determined to destroy the drow for murdering his brother...

Update #2: January 21, 2008

It looks as if Celendir might not be able to accompany the player. His sister, Ganamiel is insisting that she be the one to avenge their brother. Let the battle begin!

Update #3: January 22, 2008

Our final persistent companion will be the half-elf, Logan, a fighter/wizard all the way from Mirabar. He is training to become a bladesinger, after his elven mother. His father is a powerful human who sits on the Council in Mirabar.

A special thanks to Briesence for creating the custom content that makes it possible to customize Logan and for making him a better looking half-elf than I was expecting him to be. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Logo for A Time to Die

If you have been here before, you might notice that I have a new logo for my blog. I took jclef's and nalencer's advice and used the Neverwinter Font to create a logo for A Time to Die.

It was easy to use black with a red outline and then just use a red shadow effect to make the letters stand out more against the black background. I still want to add a timepiece and sword or dagger when I find just the right images to use.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kaedrin's PRC pack and more...

Okay, enough strolling down memory lane. :)

Back to some serious modding! I have decided to incorporate Kaedrin's PRC pack (along with Reeron's spell fixes and Tony K's AI) into "A Time to Die" and bump up the levels of the companions to be able to use the new prestige classes for them. Karena, Erik, and Trent will definitely have the new prestige class. I am not sure about Ming-na, Ramina, and Logan yet. Ming-na is powerful enough as a straight sorceress, I believe.

That means that a PC is going to need to be at least a level 9 or 10 to play the campaign now. I'll include a leveling up option at the start of the campaign. I have to wait for Kaedrin to do some more adjustments for this to work for companions and monsters. He is working on a fix this week.

The Combined Hak Pack is at:

Kaedrin's PRC Hak is at:

Reeron's and Trekari's Spell Fixes and Improvements are at:

Tony K's Companion and Monster AI is at:

Retro in Retrospection

As I am coming to terms with the loss of my Uncle, I was looking back at what I was doing when I spent time with him. It was in the 80's that I would visit him every summer and I found that Youtube has lots of videos from music I listened to then. It brought back some great memories to comfort me.

U2 - With or Without You!

The Cure - Just Like Heaven!

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Farewell to my Uncle... :(

It's so sad when we lose a dear member of our family or a close friend. My uncle lost his battle with cancer today and he will be sorely missed. :(
I remember when he used to take me trout fishing when I was a child and how much he loved the outdoors. He loved tinkering with cars and was able to fix even the most complicated large trucks. He taught me to follow our passions and to always have a hobby. Mine happens to be building modules for I dedicate my work to you, Uncle Henry and I will miss you!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Logo Design

Well, I haven't worked on my module for a few days - I've been busy tinkering with Paint Shop Pro creating a logo for our Gaming Parents Studios blog site. Check out my progress if you are interested.

I was playing around with the bevel text effect and there are some really cool effects you can create with it. Here are some examples that I came upon, just by randomly generating the effects.

Update on Jan 12 - I found the fancy Neverwinter Font at the Vault and will see if it looks good for my logo. Thanks to jclef and nalencer!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Best List for NWN2 Toolset Tutorials

For module builders wanting to learn how to use the toolset, the best resource list I could find was at the Wendersnaven site:

There is also a great list at the NWN2 forums at this post:

Plus, I have found the tutorials at the Vault very useful:

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Have a wonderful New Year and I hope that you'll have many more to come. I have been having a blast this past year working on several projects at the same time. I hope to finally release Act I of "A Time to Die" this year as well as help Jacky to finish off his sequel to "Night Howls in Nestlehaven", with the help of the rest of the Gaming Parents Studios team!

Hope you are having as much fun with Neverwinter Nights 2 as I am having, don't think I've ever come across a game that has kept my interest for so long. Hope they make another sequel this year!

Thought I'd post another pic of my snow-ridden backyard - this is the view out my kitchen window of another heavy snowfall that is happening today. I think we must be at about 6 feet in total or maybe even more by now! :)