Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Underground city picture

I am experimenting with the custom cave skydome and a portion of SGK73's copy and paste city prefab. I think the combo makes a pretty good undeground city for Act III of A Time to Die.

Here's a sneak peek! (Plus, more screenshots are at the end of the slideshow to the right...)


Jason said...

That looks great!


Ernie Noa said...

Wow. That looks fantastic.

Ladyelvenstar said...

Thanks Jason and Ernie!

When I saw his city prefab, the idea just clicked that I could use part of it for the drow city. I may add a few different buildings in here and there - but what a timesaver it is to have the prebuilt city to play with! And I couldn't be happier with the cave skydome. I am trying to convince Amraphael to release the skydome on the Vault. :)

Amraphael said...

The city reminds me of BG II when I first came to the Underdark. Very nice looking!

I don't know about putting up one single skydome. I feels kind of too little. Maybe if I made 5 or 10 of them.

Nalencer said...

I'd put it up for sure. Better that someone who needs it should have access to it, than to deny is to everyone because it's not part of a pack. You could add it to a pack later on. At the moment, you seem to have a lot of other shit on your plate.

So go ahead and release it; it's already made at least one person very happy.

Ladyelvenstar said...

Thanks for the compliment, amraphael! Love those flying ships, can't get over how cool they look.

I agree with Nalencer that people would appreciate the skydome, but if you want to create a few first...I understand. By the way, someone was looking for a cave ceiling with a bluish/grey colouring...perhaps that would be a good choice for an alternative.

Nalencer said...

That gives me an idea... if you want to make it a pack, how about some differently tinted versions?