Friday, December 21, 2007

RWS Towers

So many to choose from! I think this tower may suit the area the best for Iniarv's Tower...which is featured in Chapter two of Act 1 in A Time to Die. The area is a modified version of Boomstick's Coastal Tower prefab.


Amraphael said...

Yes, the guys at RWS have done a marvelous job (as usual) on those towers. I'm a little sad that I don't have any use of them in my module :(

The area looks good. One little advice to make it look even better: It happens often that the terrain gets a bit "pointy" and unaturally sharp when raising it steep. Covering it up with some grass works great and were used in the OC.

Ladyelvenstar said...

That's okay, you'll find use for them someday. :)

Sounds good and I'll add a bit of grass once I retouch the area. Right now I am just getting the main placeables done, the trees set into the ground, next is to add one of the cave entrances by RWS (whichever suits the area best.) I am adding quite a few monster encounters and then I will do the final touching up here and there. Then it will be to work on the final areas for Chapter Two (Cave Doom is my nickname for it right now!)

Daronas said...

Wow Eva! You've made a some fantastic progress on your module. Everything looks great.

I have to remind myself to make more regular visits. :)

Ladyelvenstar said...

Thanks, Dar! I am determined to get Act I out early in the New year to see how it is received by players. Let's hope they like it!