Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Time to Die will contain Chasms...

I am happy to announce that the Chasms tileset will be included in A Time to Die saga, I will be using it for an underground area leading to a drow settlement. I won't reveal which settlement quite yet, but it is part of a large drow city.


Anonymous said...

This is more like what I'd expect hell to look like! Very nice! Do I see steam rising?

SirChet (aka anonymous)

Lariam said...

Looks very neat; glad to see that you're still working on your mod!


Ladyelvenstar said...

Thanks Sirchet! Steam is next to add to the area... :)

Yes, Lariam, I am still plugging away at the mod - I keep getting sidetracked with helping others on their projects....heh heh. Thanks for checking out the blog!