Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Custom Banners

Today I was busy designing a custom banner for Night Howls in Nestlehaven - we wanted to display it for both the original game as well as the sequel.

I used a screenshot taken from the game for the background and used the Papyrus font for the text. Next I used a combination of cutout, shadow, and bevel effects on the text for the various banners. I used the cutout 3D effect, then a drop shadow, followed by inner bevel - finished off with another drop shadow effect for emphasis.

Amazing what a difference it makes with even slight changes to the effects and colours! See the bottom of the blog for the banners.


E.C. said...

Tough to decide! They're all great.

Ladyelvenstar said...

Thanks, e.c.! I like several of them so I leave it up to the rest of the team to decide. :)